Thursday, October 23, 2014

Come get your composing game for this next week

I ran across this fun music composition game a few weeks ago and bought it to have my students work on while I'm gone.  No slouching just because there won't be a lesson for a week guys!

I'm going to set a wooden box out on my front porch with a packet for each of my piano families inside (your names will be on them.)  Please stop by and take yours and have your student(s) compose a Halloween song during the next week.  This will be a new experience for almost all of them, it will make them really think about how music works when they have to write out their own song.  For students who have had 1-2 years of lessons, this might be very challenging - if they need help and if you as a parent don't feel up to it, why don't you look at the "Swap List" I gave you of my students and invite one of my older ones to come and help teach your student how to do this.  (This will make my older students get in there and figure it out as well!!!)  You know the old saying about the teacher learns the most, you will be doing them a favor :)

I tried this myself and it's possible to end up with a very odd sounding song :)  But Halloween songs can sound weird!  I think the experience of doing this is well worth the effort to put into practice the  application of some music theory. 

I also need you to check your Christmas music.  We are going to begin using those early in November.  Post a comment here or send me an email if I need to order music for your student(s).  Christmas music is so great to have actual books available to pull out year after year to enjoy.

   Witches' Brew: A Halloween Composition Game


  1. Congrats on your new grand baby! Composing a song will be fun!! Great idea! Would you please order cadence some Christmas music?

  2. Yes! Congratulations! I would love to find a good rendition of Drummer Boy if you know of one. It's one of my favorites. Have fun out there!