Friday, September 12, 2014

Piano Lessons 101, still getting organized!

Swap list:  Please save the swap list that I provided you in the email.  I will mention in a blog post or email any available lesson spot openings that can be used for make-up opportunities the following week if I know a student will be out of town, or I've temporarily moved someone to an evening time because of sports or something.  So if you need to move a lesson or do a make-up, check for available openings first, then use the swap list.  Always let me know what you are doing, don't just assume that someone didn't beat you to that spot and scheduled it with me!!!

Available openings for Sept 15 - 19:  Mon 4:30, Wed 5:30, Th 4:30  (Fri 7:00 a.m. is being used the rest of Sept.)

Piano Maestro: This is being a huge success with students!  I watched a webinar on it the other day and learned some things that I didn't know it did....I'm still learning about it too.  Make sure your student plays along with the songs on their real piano, not the keyboard on the ipad (that would just be for use in a car or something.)  I'm using this approach to work on sight reading and timing, if they are having fun at the same time that's just the price we'll have to pay :)  For those who don't have an ipad at home I try to squeeze it into their lesson, but many times there just isn't time - so remember the option of coming early or staying after for 15 minutes.

Music Learning Community:  This is how I'm going to cover music theory this year.  It is done on the computer through games (not the ipad - so everyone should be able to do this).  It costs me $20 a month and if you enter the site with the user name and password I will give each student they are covered under my studio.  I finally got all of my students entered into the program yesterday.  I will write their username and password on the front cover of their binders, and will also email them individually to each of you.  This can be done either at home or at piano lessons if they come early or stay late...there is not time for it to be done during lessons.  The down side to doing it here is that they are in the same room as I will be teaching in... I do have headphones but not sound blocking ones (those are really expensive, maybe some time in the future!)

I made each password an animal(ish) that started with the same letter as their name.  It's very easy to change it if they would prefer something different!

Once you log in click on "Lifetime Musician" on the left side of the screen, that's the area I'm going to be using.  For now have your student enter levels lower than the method books they are currently playing out of.  Each level has 20 lessons and around 4-6 games per lesson.  Each game has "learn", "play", "quiz", & "challenge" options (don't worry about the challenge one).  When they pass the quiz portion they will be rewarded with a green check mark.   It would be nice if everyone could pass off each game for all the lower levels up to the one they are currently in.  Some of the games will be extremely elementary for students more advanced, if they want to skip some of those just have them move on up.  But I want to make sure they know all the elements along the way.  I will assign games in their own level as new concepts are introduced in their method books or I think they need more practice on something. 

Opening: I have one lesson slot open on Monday at 4:30.  If you know someone who might be interested please pass along my name.  Thank you :)


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